I’ve always loved photography, but rarely had time to get good at it.  Life always seemed to get into the way. Marriage, kids, career, volunteer work, and then finally.... RETIREMENT!!!  
now i can finally indulge myself, and chase my passion. I started with some basic photography classes, which led me to the local photography club. it's so great being around those who share the same things that you love. Over the years, i believe I've taken some  really great shots but was unable to share. with the encouragement of a good friend, this website was born.
What you see here are some of my favorites taken over the years.  I hope my efforts show that there are budding photographers in many of us… I’m living proof.
Many thanks to the following people who made this site possible. First and foremost, my husband John for putting up with my hobby. My kids, Grand kids, and friends for suffering through endless shots while I
 honed my skills. i love you all
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