My Favorite Time

Ah the evening, the end of the day!  I hope for a beautiful display to fancy my eyes with a treat.

As the years gets shorter or longer, watching for that special sunset is always changing in time.  You have to be quick, or it all goes away.

When shooting sunsets, I find it easier to have my handy tripod handy for longer exposures as it gets darker. 


  1. Angling the camera can make a big difference on how it captures the last beautiful glow of light.
  2. Don’t put the horizon line in the middle of the photo.
  3. Slightly underexposing the sunset with the camera, can make the colors look more rich and defined.
  4. Look behind you, sometimes a totally different view is better that the one ahead. 
Fire In The Sky

This little dead tree was a favorite site for me to watch in the evening, until a very bad spring storm whipped it from existence.

No more spot for birds to land on and survey their territory from the ground.

Alas, looking for something else to put in the foreground will now be my priority.