Looking for the Shot

I had an idea for a picture.  When I got to the spot, I saw the possibility of framing it.  It worked! 

Zooming In 

Next I zoomed in in excitement, as I had just a few seconds to frame it the way I wanted and zoom in.  Getting the prop blur was the hard part.  Hold steady, Stearman,  just for me….

Having Fun

Next I go into post processing and have fun.  So many different things to do with this shot.   Thank you Mason EAA Chapter 55 for letting me get this picture.


         Finally It’s Warming Up!

The warm rays of sun on a cold winters night, are really appreciated.  I am now ready for the warm rays of sunshine on a warm spring morning.

Let’s hear it for the warm rays of sunshine







One of the tings I have to do is go thru my pictures and organize them to UL to my gallery.  When we started this site using WordPress, I just added some pictures to get it started.  Then life happened and I did not have the time to finish it correctly.  Going thru my pictures for a few years is one of the first things I have to do.  But wait, spring is coming and the birds are singing, and I might get distracted and run outside and enjoy the warming weather.    I definitely need more time and energy to do things I want to do.

       EAA 304

Heritage Museum


Recently our museum at EAA 304 was able to engage the services of Professor Diana Agy, and her team from the Jackson College Heritage Center. The Heritage Center Team’s first steps will be the laborious process of cataloging the many items that have been acquired over the years. Pictured is one of the items in the museum, a trunk full of aviation history.  I hope we find out who donated these times, so we can give them the thanks they deserve.  


A Trunk Full Of History.


I have been so excited to finally see the museum at EAA 304 finally get help from the Heritage Center at the local college.  The students donated their time to do this for us.  It is an ongoing work, but it has been started.


Been Out Of Touch

I have been with my best friend writing a website for EAA Chapter 304.  eaa304.org

WOW it has taken more time that I could have imagined, but well worth it.  I feel bad losing touch with my site, but this has been an educational experience and more.  There is only so many hours in the day, but learning should be part of that.  I tell my family, it is always good to exercise the brain cells.

We started with a free site that was so limited, it did not matter how much time it took, we offered to rewrite a better WordPress site.  So happy we did this!

The joy get even better when the chapter likes what we have done and things come together to help them out.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Even better I was able to include some of my photos I have taken over the years.