It all started with an old airplane…..

Capturing History Through The Lens

After a successful career as a Nurse, wife, and mother, I went into business for myself in 1998. In 2001 my husband (a commercial pilot) was offered an opportunity to chase his dreams. We purchased what is referred to as a “Warbird”. This one was a classic North American Aviation T-6. The aircraft used to train our pilots before they transitioned to more complicated aircraft.  After a while my husband began to participate in all sorts of historical reenactments, and flyovers. This gave me my opportunity to document these pieces of history, and the men who fly them through the lens of my camera. Over the years we’ve had opportunity to meet some really great people, including surviving members of the legendary “Tuskegee Airmen”.  On this site you’ll have a chance to see our T-6 “Precious” and some other pieces of living history. Documenting this old birds help me improve my skills and branch out into other areas as you’ll see throughout the site. 

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Aircraft Photography

Keeping history alive through photography

One of my specialties is documenting Air shows. Over the years, I’ve developed a keen eye for all the gentle nuances that make each model special. I’ve always had a love affair with the T-6 because my husband and I owned one. However, nothing makes my hear beat faster than the sound of a Rolls Royce engine in a P-51 Mustang ash she does a low pass over the crowd. I’ve also had the opportunity to photograph these rare birds in the air from the back seat of other aircraft. Enjoy!


Capturing Special Events

Your Biggest Moments Captured, Without Interruption

Let’s face it – a special event is something we look back on for years to come, remembering the good times we’ve had and the wonderful people we’ve shared our lives with. Capturing that event or place we have visited is important to capture for re – visiting our special moments.