2015 is Gone

Dec 16th

I really enjoy shooting planes with my camera.  Especially old vintage planes with their unique character.  Something about capturing a piece of history on digital media.  I have done some photo shooting at our local airport in Jackson.  It was an honor to be recognized for this.  Thank you for letting me know how much you appreciated my work.



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Dec 8th

Living where I do , now that we are retired I can really appreciate how different times of day the lighting changes the color of the world.  After we moved into our retirement condo, with the great views, I came to appreciate how the sun lights the world at different times, can dramatically change colors. During a recent trip out west I saw a lot of the monuments around noon or after.  I was lucky to have good lighting, but wonder how things would have looked at sunset or sunrise.

The pictures on my screen and when uploaded to FaceBook, show up so much nicer than when I post them in this blog.  I have seen these pictures on other screens and they still look 99% better than when I post them here.  Color, media, monitors, lighting, it is all about lighting, how things look and feel…..



11Dec 1 ST

November was a big month for a T-6  called Babe.   She has Precious and Miss TLC on her side, but to her Captain, she is Babe.  It take a good pilot to fly a T-6 WWII trainer.  A P 51 which is a  Mustang is easier to fly.   Babe had a good November and passed her annual with a few replacement parts.  A few shots form her annual:

T6-7961LightLeakweb T6-web T6-7963Vintageweb

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Nov 25th

The holiday season is upon us and another good year is coming to an end.  Walking around a cemetery makes me miss all the family and friends I have lost.  There are so many things I am thankful for and to have had in my life.  Pictures of what others have left behind makes me more aware I am not the only one that has lost loved ones, but have been privileged to know them in my life.

At The Graveyard Simpson0912

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Nov 19th

Downtown Jackson has many interesting places to visit.  I wish we had more interesting stores, some of the old buildings, alone are worth visiting.  The Michigan Theater is my favorite building.  Much needed restoration work is going on, but a lot more is needed.  If ever in Jackson, visit the Michigan Theater.

MITheater1153 Staairs1167Light6672webStairs1151

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Nov 12th

I was so grateful for a Photographer friend, Kenny for organizing the Jackson part of the Scott Kelby Walk, in October.  We decided to go to  downtown Jackson and have a great time finding anything interesting or not seen everyday.  From ceilings, walls, floors or anything in between we took our shots and had a blast.

Ceiling1099Paintweb Eatery1223OilPaintweb floor1089web

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Nov 5th

I love the mystery that fog brings.  Driving in it is something else and I feel for all those that have to go to work on foggy mornings.  To me as a photographer, I like to add mystery to it or have fun with what I have.  The first picture is dedicated to the smart drivers that had their lights on.  It was hard to believe all the cars that forgot to turn on their lights.  The next picture is a little tree, followed by having fun with light leaks and the tree…   I took these pictures last March.

© Shot By JEF Pictures may not be used in any form, website or print without written permission of Joan E. Feldvary.

© Shot By JEF Pictures may not be used in any form, website or print without written permission of Joan E. Feldvary.
© Shot By JEF Pictures may not be used in any form, website or print without written permission of Joan E. Feldvary.
© Shot By JEF Pictures may not be used in any form, website or print without written permission of Joan E. Feldvary.
© Shot By JEF Pictures may not be used in any form, website or print without written permission of Joan E. Feldvary.

Oct 27th

Sometimes things are hidden away, even when they are close buy.  A photographer friend told me about the beautiful mural on a wall on back of a restaurant.  I was amazed on what a beautiful piece of art had escaped me till I drove by and looked for it.  It was in the back of the restaurant, where I never go.



Oct 20

There is something about sunrise over the ocean that is just to beautiful for words.   I was happy to wake up on a recent trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, and see the sunrise over the ocean.  On a Tuesday Morning, I went up to an upper floor and captured some nice pictures of the sun-rays going under the Springmaid Pier.  The hotel has been sold and as of now the group I was with will not be going back there.  A few clouds would have added some drama, but just seeing the sun come up was enough for me.

.Oct Sunrise

Sunrise On The Beach SunriseJustNow6996Web

Oct 17th

Long ago before Arizona was where Arizona is now, it was a tropical region.  Trees sprouted up  making forests.  The trees died just like all living things do.  Some fell in water and streams.  Minerals filled the the once living trees, making them last what seems like forever. The continents shifted putting Arizona where it is today.   This left us The Petrified Forest in Arizona.  You can visit it in less than a day or on the way to the Painted Desert and still have enough time to enjoy what is left behind.


Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood



Oct 10th

I was thinking about a recent long overdue trip to Arizona that my husband and I took, just because we had not done it yet.  I have seen other peoples pictures of the area, but decided it was time to make our own memories.

One of the best things was, in the desert, just going around a corner could mean an entirely different view.  Wonderful formations from ancient times still exist.  One formation was lat, another pointed toward the sky, then a rounded one would appear.  Best of all was the color changes.  If you have never made it to the painted desert, it is worth the drive through.

Click on image for full color impact.



Oct 3rd

This was the day I was waiting for, for a long time, the October World Wide Kelby Photo Walk.   I had talked to  Kenny Price about leading this, and he did. Thank you Kenny for the amazing areas you got  our crew of photographers into for a fun walk.  It was raining, but 11 us trekked on and had a blast.  We had lunch downtown, I called it fuel and warm up time…  This is one of the shots I took and decided to add some textures to.  I had too many fun results from my work to deal with, and in the end missed the upload date for the Kelby walk.  I also decided to try the picture in an oil painting look.

Click on the pictures to bring out the true colors.



Sept 26th

I was thinking about the trip my husband and I took to Monument Valley, in Arizona and Utah.   It is amazing how many beautiful formations of Earth’s materials there are.  We would like to go back and spend some more time there.  Just going for a couple of hours in a day was  not enough.  Different lighting made each rock formation change throughout the time we spent there.  Click on the images below to bring out the colors….

Arizonia, Monument
Arizonia, Monument

Monument6260web Monument


Aug 12th

Aug 12

Had lots of fun this week hanging out with Warbirds from the Collings Foundation.  Their web site is http://www.collingsfoundation.org/.  We did not know till a few days before hand that Jackson would have three WW II aircraft stopping by at Jackson’s Airport, Reynolds Field, for three days.   The North American TP-51C Mustang was my favorite.  Before they left for the next stop on their tour, I got to fly in a Cirrus to take pictures of her in flight.  Betty Jane was wonderful to see from the air.  The Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress was fun to step inside and later watch her give some rides.  Before she left on Wednesday, some people rented a car, drove to Jackson and flew to the next stop in her tour.  Then there was the Consolidated B-24J Liberator,  named Witchcraft.  I had seen her at Thunder Over Michigan several times, so it was like seeing a friend stop by.  One visitor to see her was proud to show me his Uncle’s name, who has passed, on her side.  What a great thing to happen to Jackson’s Airport.

Mustang flight, Aug 12, 2015
Mustang flight, Aug 12, 2015

Mustang2613web 4x6Flying2675


July 20

One of the things I like about the water lily is, watching them float on the water.  The texture of the flower pedals reflecting off the water and the calmness that follows is wonderful.  We only have the white ones on the lake near me, but that is enough to relax away the cares of the day.  Float on lily, float on by.

Wild8x10Lilly0552 Lily0562


July 17

Hot Air Jubilee – Saturday Morning

Here in Jackson most of us look forward to the Hot Air Jubilee.  It starts on a Friday evening and ends with a balloon launch on Sunday morning.  This year I was ready to go Friday morning, but there was no launch.  Weather is a big problem with hot air balloons.  I did make the Sat. AM launch site, but at launch time they informed us they were launching elsewhere.  The inflating of the balloons in the best part, at least to me.  They did have two balloon inflate for us, but they were not able to launch.  Good news is a lot of the balloons made it to the park.  Some were on the other side of the trees, but we got to see the tops of them. I made it back for the Sunday morning launch, but that was cancelled.



July 15

Cemetery walk.

Five us us got together and walked around a local cemetery.  It is one of our assignments for camera club.  Walking with others opens up your eyes to what they see that you might miss.  Besides, it is always more interesting to walk with friends.  One of the saddest things to be reminded of is young children were also buried when they died too young.  I put a truck on the tombstone of a 10 year old boy. Funny, I felt guilty when I removed it, almost felt as though he was saying leave it.  Peeking through a dirty screened over window, I did find some beauty in a back lit window.  Sad it is hidden but I am sorry to admit it is better off hidden, safer that way.


July 11th

I went with some photographers to Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. It was a fun filled trip that was not just about the gardens.  It was about being with friends, making new friends, even if just for the day. It is always fun to get to know other people and finding art all around us.  Not just art in the artwork, but art in the gardens, nature’s art.  Can there be anything more beautiful?

Leaf Painting3LillyFlowers0445MeijersGarden0382